About the Dolls

Quality Certified. Premium sex dolls by a European based team with real expertise in materials science.

Over the last few years, there has been a surge in the offering of sex dolls to satisfy all sexual desires. New and improved materials are revolutionizing the industry creating experiences that feel just like the real thing.

But is everything out there fit for the purpose and safe?

Our premium dolls have been chosen for a reason. Our material is certified, it is also textured, make up compatible, all stains can be washed away with different methods and satisfy the following criteria:


Reduced smell

Reduced adhesion so the material doesn’t stick to the skin or other materials

Reduced oil release so the material doesn’t feel oily



Premium quality


Smooth like real skin

Doll’s skin is usually made from three different materials, Silicone, TPE (ThermoPlastic Elastomere) and gels. Silicone and TPE both have their pros and cons and

comparisons between them sometimes depend on opinion in terms of “good” or “bad”. Objectively, what is it that matters of a skin’s doll?




Do not believe all TPE or Silicone will be the same quality. The final material is more about the processing than the actual material. In the same way that glass comes from silicon, the skin of the doll might come from TPE, but not all glasses are of the same quality or serve the same purpose, because they were all made with a different processing method. Similarly, with the material of the doll.