• Premium quality
  • Odourless
  • Food grade
  • Smooth like real skin

Doll’s skin is usually made from three different materials, Silicone, TPE (ThermoPlastic Elastomere) and gels. Silicone and TPE both have their pros and cons and comparisons between them sometimes depend on opinion in terms of “good” or “bad”. Objectively, what is it that matters of a skin’s doll? It’s often down to taste but look for these details just in case:

Reduced smell

Reduced adhesion so the material doesn’t stick to the skin or other materials

Reduced oil release so the material doesn’t feel oily

Do not believe all TPE or Silicone will be the same quality. The final material is more about the processing than the actual material. In the same way that glass comes from silicon, the skin of the doll might come from TPE, but not all glasses are of the same quality or serve the same purpose, because they were all made with a different processing method. Similarly, with the material of the doll.


  • Fully posable in all kama sutra positions
  • Long lasting joints
  • Minimal noise

Overall in the market, there are two choices of skeletons, flexible and rigid.

Flexible skeletons imply that these are easy to move because the joints are almost loose. The advantage of a flexible skeleton is that it can be easily manipulated, and it will probably never go so hard that it will get stuck. On the other hand, the bodies will collapse under their own weight. Chinese manufacturers often opt for rigid bodies that can stand.

The other extreme is a rigid skeleton. Because joints are more rigid, and limbs and parts require more force to move them, the bodies can be put in postures and will hold their own weight. On the other hand, joints might become very rigid with time or simply loosen up.

We offer semi-rigid skeletons with geared joints for knees and elbows that will last many years. Our joints and skeletons have been chosen for a reason, to last and move with minimal noise.

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